At DutchWare, we offer lightweight hammock suspension systems and devices such as tree huggers and Dutch Clips. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need for safe hanging, whether you’re out camping or backpacking across the Appalachian Trail.

Hammock Suspension Systems

If you’re just beginning your journey into hanging, you may have some questions about what’s included in a hammock suspension system. A complete hammock suspension system, like DutchWare’s, includes your tree hugger straps, hammock rope and any necessary hardware, like Whoopie Hooks and Continuous Loops.

We offer ten types of lightweight hammock suspension systems:

  1. Whoopie Hook suspension
  2. Cinch Buckle suspension
  3. Titanium Cinch Buckle suspension
  4. Dutch Buckle suspension
  5. Double Hammock Whoopie Hook suspension
  6. Spiders suspension
  7. Cinch Bug suspension
  8. Bridge Hammock Whoopie Hook suspension
  9. Vertex Cinch Buckle suspension
  10. Beetle Buckle Suspension

Each type uses a combination of our hammock suspension devices such as our Dutch Clips, Double Hammock Whoopie Hooks or Titanium Cinch Buckles. Suspension systems with Whoopie Slings also allow you to choose different colors for the head and foot so you can easily remember which is which.

Hammock Suspension Devices

Our hammock suspension devices feature hardware, tree straps, huggers and daisy chains that are ideal for hammock suspensions when camping or backpacking. We focus on offering straps and huggers, instead of ropes, to protect trees from damage.

Choose from four different tree straps, nine different tree huggers and one daisy chain to build your custom lightweight hammock suspension system. Our tree straps and huggers, as well as our daisy chains, are made of durable materials like Kevlar, Spider and poly, polyester and polypropylene.

Certain tree straps, like our Spider/Poly Tree Straps and Polyester Tree Straps, are compatible with buckles like our Cinch Buckles, Dutch Buckles, Spiders and Dutch Clips. The latter is included with your purchase. Their compatibility makes it easier for you to start testing your new hammock suspension before your next hike.

Our hammock hardware includes essential items for certain lightweight hammock suspension systems, like a Whoopie Sling Hammock Suspension or a Continuous Loop Hammock Suspension.

Favorite hardware items from our store include:

  • Whoopie hooks
  • Cinch buckles
  • Dutch biners
  • Dutch buckle
  • Titanium toggles

Our focus in designing hammock suspension devices is to create products that are innovative and reliable. As hikers, we want you to have a lightweight hammock suspension system that’s easy to set up, use and carry.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

Our DutchWare products are manufactured with high-quality materials in the U.S. to create our innovative and lightweight hammock suspension systems. We’re confident in the quality of our items, which is why we offer a guarantee against any manufacturer defects. We also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so you’re welcome to return unused items for a full refund.

Browse our selection of hammock suspension systems and devices to modify or replace your old suspension system, or contact us for more information. Contact us by calling 717-947-7849