6 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping in the Fall

October 29, 2021

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6 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping in the Fall

Have you been considering a fall camping trip? Cool-weather camping offers more than just a chance to see how warm your sleeping bag is. You’ll also enjoy a range of fall camping activities you can’t experience at any other time.

Check out these six reasons why you should head on a fall camping trip this season.

1. Cooler Weather Is Better

Camping in the summer is fun — except for the heat. You rarely find relief from the soaring temperatures unless you take a dip in the lake. However, during a fall camping trip, the weather is your friend. It’s cool enough in the daytime for challenging hikes, and at night it’s frigid enough to justify a mug of hot chocolate. We welcome any camping weather that calls for warm beverages!

2. Fewer Bugs Bugging You

Another drawback of summer camping? The pesky bugs flying around you morning, noon, and night. In the fall, mosquitos and gnats have gone away, and you can enjoy your camping trip free of buzzing and bites.

3. Fun Fall Activities

When you set off in search of adventure in the autumn, look for camping sites that have fall fun on tap, such as:

  • Apple or pumpkin picking.
  • Hayrides.
  • Cider making.
  • Halloween costume contests.

4. Fewer People on the Trails

In the summer, campsites are often crowded with people. Once fall hits, the crowds have thinned. You’ll find you have more space to yourself on the trails, down at the fishing site and in the camp bathrooms.

5. Different Food Options

Summer camping fare tends to be lighter. When fall comes around, you can bust out the best hearty recipes, such as tasty chilis or pumpkin-flavored anything.

6. The Scenery Looks Different

Fall is the most scenic of seasons. When the leaves change colors, the landscape transforms, and you’ll love the different ways autumn touches everything around you. From the leaf carpet on the ground to the dazzling golds and maroons on the trees, fall scenery brings a kaleidoscope of colors you can appreciate close up when you’re camping.

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