Tarp Ridgelines

Tarps improve hammock camping by providing dependable cover against bad weather like wind and rain. A ridgeline keeps a tarp secure for a consistent hang and prevents the cover from slipping.

Unfortunately, setting up a tarp ridgeline can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when the conditions suddenly change for the worse. When you’re up against the elements trying to tie knots to your supports, you’re losing your warm, dry gear and probably your patience.

The ridgeline accessories we sell at DutchWare remove the need for complex knots so that anyone can comfortably hang a tarp above their hammock. All it takes is a length of durable 1.75 mm braided line like our Zing-It!™ or Lash-It!™ products. We sell some clever hardware to make tarp ridgeline setup a smoother process, including:

  • Tarp Flyz: A device so unique, we made it part of our logo. Made from titanium, yet lightweight and small as a quarter, this is the strongest and quickest way to tie a tarp to a tree in place of a knot. Weave your braided line between the eyes, then wrap the line around your support and loop the remainder at least once around the “antenna” structure to secure it.
  • Stingerz: Modeled after miniature titanium carabiners, these components include an eye and antenna like our Flyz. They make it easy to freely adjust the position of your ridgeline, and the spring gate clips to the ring on the end of a tarp for an unshakable hold.
  • Wasps: The Dutch Wasp is perfect for moving your line where you want it. Tie the braided line from the tail end to the end of your tarp. Once you wrap around your support, tighten your line with the hook at the head and secure it around the antenna and wing.

We can splice these products for you onto the end of a 12 ft. length of Zing-It!™ or Lash-It!™ to make tarp setup even more of a breeze.

Continuous Ridgelines for Tarps

Using a continuous ridgeline is the easiest way to set up and center your tarp. Doing so will let you slide your tarp along your connection overhead whenever you please. When you order a continuous ridgeline from DutchWare, we’ll provide 35 feet of braided line and either a pair of soft shackles or TATO Tarp connectors that function like adjustable prusik knots. With a dutch hook spliced on one end and a Wasp on the other, you’ll have everything you need to loop around your hammock supports and keep your tarp steady and maneuverable.

Choose DutchWare for All Your Tarp-Fixing Needs

We know how important it is to have dependable gear when you’re outdoors, including tarp hardware that won’t weigh you down or let you down. At DutchWare, we guarantee the quality of manufacturing in each one of our products. If you’re not completely satisfied, get in touch with us to arrange for a return or exchange.

Contact us online with any questions you have about our hardware or setting up ridgelines for your next outing. You can also call us at 717-947-7849.