Whether you want to sleep out under the stars on your next camping trip or a place in your backyard to relax, a hammock is a great thing to have. They’re versatile, easy to set up and tear down and don’t take up as much room in storage compared to other equipment. Camping with a hammock also provides a comfortable place for you to soak in the nature that surrounds you.

Outdoor Camping Hammocks From DutchWare Gear

DutchWare offers several different camping hammocks. We will help you pick the right one that will best suit your needs. Our most popular types of hammocks for camping are:

  • Chameleon: The Chameleon hammock is a versatile piece of gear. We designed this hammock with our customers in mind. You can change out the different components, allowing it to adapt to different areas and uses. It’s also very lightweight, which comes in handy when you’re on a long backpacking trip and need to be careful about how heavy your pack is. With its versatility, you can use the Chameleon hammock for many different purposes. There’s no need to own more than one hammock when you’ve got a Chameleon.
  • Netless: Our Netless hammocks are the open-topped hammocks you typically see. These hammocks are the least expensive compared to our other types, and they’re great for casual use and backpacking. It’s the perfect hammock to string up in your backyard and enjoy the warm weather. Bring out a glass of iced tea and a book to spend an entire afternoon happily swaying away. The fabric on our Netless hammocks is very soft and comfortable. You can also take them with you for backpacking because they’re so ultralight.
  • Netted: Our Netted hammocks give you extra protection. They look similar to Netless hammocks but have a stretch of netting that goes over the top of the hammock. This will help protect you from bugs and other pests. Whether you plan to use your hammock for camping, backpacking or just at home, a Netted hammock is an excellent choice because you can sleep through the night without worrying what may be getting into your hammock with you.

When you visit DutchWare, we want to make sure you leave with the perfect gear. Let us know what you plan on using your new hammock for, and we’ll make the best recommendation.

In addition to our selection of hammocks, we have a wide variety of accessories and other gear to pair with your new hammock. For example, we have netting to put over the Chameleon hammock to protect you from the elements, quilts you can use in a range of temperatures and webbing straps to keep your hammock in place. Whatever you need, we have it.

Get Your Outdoor Camping Hammocks From DutchWare

Visit DutchWare for all your camping gear needs. We have tarps and other equipment that will help make your next camping or backpacking trip one to remember, too. We’re the best at what we do, and we won’t rest until we help you find just what you want and need.

If you’re thinking of getting a new hammock, contact us today to learn more about your options.