Do you love doing things yourself? There’s something so satisfying about making something, whether it’s a meal or an addition to your house. We all benefit from attempting do-it-yourself tasks. You gain in self-confidence when you do something right, and you earn the trust and respect of your peers and yourself when you accomplish a task. Plus, there’s the added benefit of becoming an expert at something — a fun way to broaden your horizons.

When you go hammock camping or backpacking, you can also use the DIY approach. DutchWare Gear offers an assortment of DIY hammock gear kits that allow you to do things as different as making your own soda to fashioning a knife sheath.

We know many campers love roughing it as much as possible. You don’t want things to be done for you. You want the experience and the pride of handling them yourself. If you want DIY hammock kits you will put to good use on your next camping trip, consider our many options.

Make Your Own Hammock Gear Kits and More

What type of challenge are you up for? Some of our customers love making their own waterproof winter tarp, a practical piece of equipment that can help keep you dry and warm in frigid conditions. Other campers enjoy doing tasks such as making their own clamshell pillow. You get to sleep on your finished product, which should inspire you to do a tremendous job.

You can learn new skills when you use DIY kits, too. Explore ways to make a sack without sewing or cook food despite your less-than-gourmet status. When you open up to the idea of trying new things and taking risks, you may find your camping trip becomes more about celebrating your newfound self-sufficiency — an accomplishment in itself.

Choose DutchWare for All Your Hammock Gear Kits and More

Going on a camping or backpacking trip will feel that much sweeter when you know you have contributed to the trip in a major way, by making your own tarp, sack or other vital part of the camping experience. You don’t have to be an expert to do it. You just have to be game for the challenge.

DutchWare supplies all the parts you need, along with the instructions. We offer high-quality kits you can put into action right away. We also promise speedy delivery because we know you’re eager to get started. Order from us today or fill out our contact form and one of our team members will assist you. Contact us by calling 717-947-7849.