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When you go camping, packing the right food is one of the most important parts of planning your trip. You have to look at how many people are on the trip, how long you’ll be traveling and how much space you have to pack food items.

Folks who go camping in their campers or drive to camping sites in their minivans are not constrained as much when it comes to packing space. But, when you’re on a backpacking trip, you have to be much more conscious of that constraint.

You can only carry so much, and you have a lot of gear that’s necessary to your trip. Food is just one of them.

How to Pack Your Camping Food

DutchWare Gear offers a variety of camping food you can buy in smaller quantities, including dehydrated and freeze-dried food. These foods can be rehydrated and cooked like regular ingredients.

Freeze dried and dehydrated foods are a backpacker’s best friend. Before your trip, you can purchase as much of the food you need and store it in a cool place — it does not need to be refrigerated. The food can last for many years, so even if you have leftovers at the end of your trip, you can save it for the next one.

Dehydrated Food From DutchWare

Our dehydrated and freeze-dried camping food conveniently comes in packets with the number of servings on it. They’re light, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of extra weight. We have many different meat, fruit and vegetable options, allowing you to eat many different meals while you’re on your trip.

Meat options include:

Vegetable options are:

Fruits include:

When you want to spice up your food or add other flavors, you can also use our condiments:

With all these food options, you’ll never feel like you’re eating the same meal every day.

Why Choose DutchWare for All Your Camping Foods?

DutchWare food options are a smart choice for your next camping trip. Our small and light food and condiment packets can be stored for long periods of time and won’t take up much room in your pack. We also have instant teas and coffee and miscellaneous foods.

No matter how long your trip is or how many people are with you, our food options make planning and preparing your meals a cinch. You can combine our meats and vegetables into a variety of delicious meals that will keep you going during your backpacking or camping trip. You can rehydrate our dehydrated fruits as a side for your main meals, or eat them as a snack.

DutchWare offers convenient and easy-to-cook options for your meals on your next trip. Contact us today to learn more about our food options and cooking outdoors.