Dyneema® Products

Dyneema® is widely recognized as one of the strongest materials available anywhere in the world. Since the material hit the scene, manufacturers have made law enforcement and military-grade armor using Dyneema®. In recent years, innovative companies like Dutchware began selling Dyneema® products geared specifically toward outdoor enthusiasts.

What Is Dyneema®?

Produced exclusively by DSM, Dyneema® consists of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. DSM uses a patented process to produce Dyneema® that involves stretching, heating, spinning and cooling the material’s fibers. This process aligns the material’s molecules while creating significant crystallization and reducing the material’s density. The result is a material that boasts greater strength and lighter weight than alternative materials.

What Does Dyneema® Look Like?

Dyneema® can be used to make stand-alone products, or the material can be combined with others to give finished products greater strength. On its own, Dyneema® almost looks like a tarp of sorts. Dyneema® is typically white or a shade of black, although the material is increasingly available in a wider selection of options, such as camo.

Unlike many products made with nylon or materials treated with TPU, Dyneema® products aren’t shiny. A strong case can be made for Dyneema® products getting better looking with age. That’s because the material gets wrinkles and creases the more it’s used over time.

Reasons to Buy Dyneema® Products

Dyneema® products aren’t just great looking. They boast plenty of other characteristics that make them highly desirable among both veteran and novice backpackers and hammockers.

Here are just some of the reasons why so many outdoor adventurers actively seek out products made with Dyneema®:

  • As a function of how the material is made, Dyneema® is as much as 15 times stronger than comparably weighted steel.
  • When compared at the same weight, Dyneema® has 40 percent more strength than aramids.
  • Given its lighter weight, Dyneema® floats on water.
  • Dyneema® is water, chemical and UV resistant.

As if those reasons weren’t enough motivation for you to seek out products made with Dyneema®, here’s one more. When considered in the context of per unit strength, Dyneema® has a smaller carbon footprint than alternative fabrics.

Place an Order for Dyneema® Products With Dutchware Now

A lightweight, strong material that’s resistant to an array of elements and made with a comparatively small carbon footprint? You can get all of that with Dyneema® — and you can find a variety of Dyneema® products for sale right here on our website.

You can choose from our selection of tarps or buy Dyneema® fabric by the half-yard. So, whether you want to make a durable wallet, sack or a water or food bowl for your pet, you’ll find what you need in our lineup of Dyneema® products. If you’re unsure what product will work best for you or if you’d like more information about how Dyneema® can enhance your next backpacking or hammocking adventure, contact Dutchware today.