Current Shipping Policy

USPS & FedEx Shipping Delays

The combination of COVID-19 and new policies restricting the hours of US postal employees has resulted in many packages being delayed with USPS for as many as 4 weeks. Many packages are still delivered on time, but don't be surprised if your package is delayed without tracking updates for weeks.

FedEx Ground and UPS Ground deliveries have been on time recently, but delays are likely during the holiday season. Again, many packages are still delivered on time but ground packages could take more then 10 days to be delivered.

(FedEx guarantee will be suspended from November 1st to January 16) FedEx Express is the only service, currently, that still guarantees their delivery times. Please note that if a delivery time claim needs to be filed it could take a few weeks to get the money back from FedEx.

Delivery delays are beyond our control and we have no further information beyond the tracking # regarding your package.

Steps to Take if Your USPS Package Isn't Moving:

  1. Go to the tracking status on the USPS site. Click on the Text & Email Updates link.  Here's a screenshot:
  2. Enter your email to receive notifications each time the tracking status is updated.
  3. Complete a USPS Help Request Form (step 2 in the link) which will be forwarded to your local Post Office to help locate any missing items.
    (Packages are shipped from 612 E. Walnut St. Lancaster, PA 17602)
    • If after 7 days from completing #3 above, your tracking status still shows no update, please forward the USPS Help Request confirmation email to for further assistance.
  • We will do everything we can for packages within the US not delivered within 5 weeks of mailing date (as long as the provided shipping address was correct) .

Thank You for Your Understanding

Please know we're doing our best, and appreciate your support.