Hammock Tarps


Lightweight Hammock Tarps

One of the toughest things about hammock camping is the constant exposure to the elements, especially when those elements get windy and rainy. You can protect yourself from blustery and wet conditions with ultralight hammock tarps during your next backpacking trip. These tarps will provide you with cover during even the worst of weather.

Our lightweight hammock tarps are effective shields, but they won’t stifle you, either. You can breathe freely and feel comfy underneath our tarps while still getting to see the outside world. When you use our tarps, you can keep your hammock and everything in it dry. That’s a great relief for backpackers, who prefer to avoid carrying damp, heavy equipment. In fact, our ultralight gear options are backpacking favorites because they’re so efficient.

When you go backpacking, your gear should work as a tool instead of a hindrance. Functionality matters, and DutchWare rain flies keep the wind, rain, and cold outside. We have a variety of tarp sizes to fit your camping gear set up no matter what dimensions you need.

Some conditions, such as rain or wind, can catch you by surprise, but you’ll most likely know the temperatures you’ll experience ahead of time. At DutchWare, we believe in helping you choose the right equipment for your needs, and our lightweight gear will protect you from the elements.

Types of Hammock Tarps We Offer

How do you find the right ultralight hammock tarp for your next camping trip? We have a wide variety of tarp options to choose from. Many backpackers choose tarps tailored to the type of trip they plan to take. You may want to consider these different types:

  • Winter hammock tarps: Perfect for cold weather, these tarps keep warm air in and protect against freezing temperatures and cold wind.
  • Hammock hex tarps: Shaped slightly differently than square tarps, these can offer slightly better protection than a square tarp.
  • Asym Hammock Tarps: Asymmetrical tarps are for those who want ultimate lightweight hammock set up.
  • Rectangle Hammock Tarps: These tarps give campers more flexibility than their square tarp counterparts.
  • Wide Hammock Tarps: These tarps are able to cover more than just you and your hammock.
  • Dyneema Hammock Tarps: Dyneema hammock tarps are the highest quality tarps on the market. They carry an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and feature ultralight weather protection for hardcore campers.

Whatever your hammock tarp needs, you can find the one perfect for your trip from DutchWare. We stock a number of options because we know that not everyone has the same desires. You may want one type for a cold-weather trip, another for summer or one with doors and one without doors. It’s smart to invest in high-quality gear you can use for the long haul, such as camping tarps.

Find the Right Hammock Rain Tarp for Your Camping Needs

Rain is more than a slight annoyance during backpacking trips — it can destroy belongings and chill you while you sleep. Instead, stay dry under one of our hammock shelters. Some factors that will determine the best hammock rain tarp for you include:

  • Size  Wider rain covers have better coverage, so they can do a more thorough job of keeping you dry.
  • Weight – If you go backpacking or carry your hammock over long distances, an ultralight option will work best.
  • Material – Choose from our high-quality fabrics made of lightweight, waterproof materials.

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