The Shell Underquilt from Sheltowee is much more than just another underquilt. This full length UQ design is generously proportioned, lightweight, and highly effective at insulating the bottom of YOUR hammock.

The excess fabric along the ends of the Shell Underquilt does two things. First, it keep drafts from getting between your hammock and the quilt, keeping you warm even in less than ideal conditions. And two, the excess fabric doubles as a Gear Basket; 7 Liters of storage on each end of the quilt. That’s enough room for your extra clothes, hiking shoes, or other small items you want to keep dry and off the ground.

Installing your Shell Underquilt is easy too. Just clip the micro carabiner directly to you hammock suspension, just above the gather. The Shell Underquilt has its own unique suspension inside that gives you all the adjustability of a more traditional underquilt.

The Snug Fit suspension inside the Shell Underquilt is easy to adjust and easy to dial-in. The Sung Fit suspension provides even lift throughout the entire width of the quilt to ensure a perfect seal. NO MORE COLD BUTTS!

Available in 40° and 20° temperature ratings and weighing in at 2lbs and 2.5lbs respectively.

Each Shell Underquilt comes with a SilNylon stuff sack, cotton storage bag, and micro carabiners to easily install on most any size hammock.