Would you like to turn ANY 2 hammocks into a two person hammock. The Birds Nest Bugnet does just that. This hammock completely encloses any 2 hammocks so you can both share a large bug free area. You will be under the same tarp and connected to the same trees in the same space. Each hammock can be accessed with zippers on both sides of the net. We’ve also added a waterproof fabric bottom (54″W x 56″L) to allow for gear storage or even keep your pet in the bug free zone with you.

Up until now if you wanted to hammock camp with your spouse, your choices were very limited. This is a great option that allows two single hammocks to share the same space under the same net side by side. With the Beetle buckle suspension, 32 inch spreader bar and any two hammocks (sold separately) you will be able to do just that.

Peace, Dutch

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