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The VX offers 4-season comfort for two with insulating pockets that keep you from bringing a pad or underquilt on many trips.  Get the best suspension and zippered access to six insulation pockets on each bed and enjoy full mosquito-protection in a spacious canopy. Zip over a breathable layer for privacy and warmth.

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The VX 2-Person Hammock offers 4-season comfort for two with insulating pockets that keep you from bringing a pad or underquilt on many trips. Get zippered access to six insulation pockets on each bed and enjoy full mosquito-protection in a spacious canopy. Zip over a breathable layer for privacy and warmth. Each occupant gets six insulating pockets which are positioned under the heaviest parts of your body to restore warmth. You will have zippered access to these pockets from inside the hammock. As you place extra gear in the pockets, they will reach their potential to keep you warm down to freezing temperatures, keeping you from having to bring a pad or underquilt on most trips. The VX Ultra features two independent hammock beds and an ample storage compartment that can hold backpacks and items you may need during the night. The hammock hangs from three supports. Set up on the ground when no trees are present (just bring three stakes and a waterproof ground cloth to place under the tent).

We make hanging this tent simple by including the finest suspension system available. The Timp-Hitch suspension system includes Amsteel slings, Timp-Hitch attachment point pre-installed on the hammock, and strong tree protection straps. You will hang the hammock quickly and stay dry, bug-free and perfectly comfortable in this American-made system.

The VX Ultra bed has two independent sleeping areas that hang independently while allowing the occupants to share the same tent. The hammock is just as stable as Clark’s other hammocks, so you don’t need to worry if one person gets in or out.  In fact, you may not even notice if the other occupant exits the hammock during the night.  If you use this model as a solo hammock, you may sleep on one side and place your backpack and other items in the second hammock bed. Alternatively, a single occupant can turn diagonally across the hammock and the hammock will respond by providing the flattest hammock bed possible.

The center storage section of the VX 2-person hammock has ample space for two backpacks, or even a small child. Two pockets attached to the center storage section can hold items you need during the night. The two pockets can become one large pocket if you prefer to put a large item such as a backpack inside.

When temperatures drop into the 30s Fahrenheit or lower, you can attach the matching Z-Liner underquilt (sold separately) to each bed to stay warm in temperatures down to 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C).

Features of 2-Person Hammock:
Timp-Hitch suspension system includes 1500lb. Amsteel slings and tree straps; Two (2) hammock beds with independent stability are made from mosquito-resistant  fabric; 12 insulating pockets (6 per bed) accessed from interior zippers; breathable WeatherShield for privacy and extra protection from cold, wind and moisture; a large storage area between beds includes four storage pockets; full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket; built-in stuff bag; zippers include double sliders on both sides of hammock; flexible fiberglass poles in 9 sections for head and foot ends

  • Get our largest beds and an easier hang
  • Get insulating pockets that keep you from having to bring insulation on warmer trips

Patent Nos.

  • 8,650,679
  • 8,356,370
  • 5,913,772
  • 7,627,913

Additional information

Weight 2664.85 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



Packing Weight:

5 lbs 14 oz / 2.6 kg

Packing Size:

20 X 7 in. / 50 X 17 cm

Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:

250 lbs / 113 kg (per bed)

Maximum Weight Limit:

700 lbs / 318 kg (per bed)

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  1. colinleath

    Excellent, at least in a basecamp situation

    colinleath (verified owner)

    To answer some of my own questions from discussion:

    It is plenty roomy enough for me 6’3″, 185lbs even though it is significantly shorter than my 11’ gathered end. I don’t know whether the ultra is bigger than the plain vx though.

    To stay warm down to 30/ freezing, using a thermarest with r value 5 or greater has worked. Ideally one of the rectangular ones instead of the xlite/ mummy form. HG Underquilts and stuffing stuff in the pockets hasn’t. Plus you’ll want some extra non compressible insulation for knees/elbows if you turn on your side and they press against the walls.

    A gathered-end hammock with down underquilt plus hammock sock is a drier and cozier warmth, but being able to have company in a nice enclosed hammock space, plus the openness of the interior even if solo make it about even as to which setup I choose.

    Drawbacks of the VX-ultra:

    (1) Needs a window vent at the foot end. If you spend a lot of time inside a hammock, for good eye health you need to be able to look off into the distance. With the dutchware hammock sock this can be achieved by putting the vent at the foot end. The vx makes getting a distant view more difficult without opening the canopy. In addition it’s nice to have a view out easily when you hear something walking through camp.

    (2) Weight. It is still much lighter to carry two separate solo setups or 1 solo + one 600+ lb weight capacity 11’ hammock (so you can still get some two-person hammock time in in the backcountry). Although, with the plain vx, one liteoutdoors 10’x8’ tarp at 13oz (or something better), two xlite thermarests (24oz), and go to ground capability, built in bug net, I think you’re getting closer. The lightest hammock+bug net combo I have is 16.6 oz. The plain vx is 5.29 lbs. However, I like to carry hammock socks as well. So add 2x 13.6 oz. 60 oz vs 85 oz at that point. If I sub in one two-person gathered end and add a 12-oz S2S net tent for the times we can’t hang hammocks, the weights are close. The vertex may be harder to hang, but I have yet to travel with it, and on the ground I’m nearly certain it would be better than the s2s net tent. It is possible to leave the Clark’s poles behind since there are loops you could use to suspend the roof from above, but in practice, and if pitching with a tarp, I’m not sure the trade-off is worth it.

    I’m a bit skeptical that the single layer hammock material is mosquito resistant, but fortunately am not anywhere I can test that.

    (3) not sure how useful the extra pockets on the vx-ultra are.

    If I had all the money and storage space in the world I’d try the plain vx to see how it does down to 30/freezing with 5 rvalue thermarests. Probably just fine. So if the dimensions of the vx and vx ultra are the same, there may be little advantage to the ultra.

    Other plusses:

    We like the camo pattern.

    The zippers seem to be very good, better than the zippers on the Dutchware hammock sock.

    The metal suspension hooks “timp-hitches” work well with plain strap ends. I just thread the strap end through the hooks (as if hooking a loop on) and tie two half hitches onto the taut strap. I find this easier to use than amstel slings + tree straps. I’d guess straps will channel more water toward the hammock in the rain however. So I larkshead a bandana to the strap above the hook to help water run off.

    The middle compartment probably isn’t good for two full packs when two people are in the hammock. You might get one at the end between your heads.


    This went through three days of rain with sustained downpours of 7mm/hr just fine under an 8’x10′ lite outdoors tarp. Some beads of blown rain on the outer hammock roof/wall but that was it. The timp hitches keep water from streaming onto the bottom of the hammock pretty well even if tied to straps.

    The extra indoor space in the rain was nice for one person to have.

    Also, I’m now using a thermarest XL basecamp mattress. 30″ wide 77″ long. This width reduces the situations in which the hammock sidewalls press against me and compress my quilt (cold spots). The 20″ and 25″ wide pads (regular and large) are not as nice.

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