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The Chameleon is a full-featured hammock designed from the ground up. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon have been developed by us to create a versatile and modular light weight hammock that adapts to its environment. Because you can remove and change out components, the Chameleon will be the only hammock you will ever need.


Chameleon Resources and Notes:
  • Checkout our Chameleon Hammock videos. – Click Here
  • How to use your new Chameleon Hammock. – Click Here
  • Not sure which top to choose for your Chameleon? – Click Here
  • Chameleon body includes continuous loops, structural ridgeline, double ended stuff sack and tieouts.
  • Weight Ratings:
    • Hexon Wide 1.6 – 350 Pounds
    • NylonD Wide 1.7 – 350 Pounds
    • Beetle Buckles with Spider/Poly straps – 350 Pounds
  • Finished width – 68 inches

The Chameleon is a full-featured hammock designed from the ground up. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon have been developed by us to create a versatile and modular light weight hammock that adapts to its environment. Because you can remove and change out components, the Chameleon will be the only hammock you will ever need.

The Chameleon adapts to your needs and is the only hammock you need for every situation. The specially-designed zipper allows you to remove the bug net to go without or replace it with a vented top cover. With the vented top cover, you can take your Chameleon into colder temperatures because it creates a micro climate yet still vents out the moisture produced by your breath. With many hammocks on the market today, you have to buy all the components with your original purchase. One of the beauties of the Chameleon is that it is very modular and you can purchase components at a later date. Buy the hammock body today, when the bugs come out, buy the bugnet; when winter hits, buy the top cover. If you have the bugnet and top cover already and your loved one wants to come with you on a hike, all you have to do is buy another body and one person can use the top cover and another can use the bug net. If you liked the Dallas Cowboys last year and have a blue top cover and this year they are on a losing streak you can just get a black one and be a Raiders fan. Additionally, we have many auxiliary components that you can buy to expand your hammock. From peak shelves to bottle holders, you will be able to bling out your hammock to make it individually yours. Once the Kickstarter is completed, our business model is to stock every item so you can purchase them and have them shipped out immediately. No more waiting for a month or two to get your hammock or component. So no matter which direction you sleep in, no matter what the temperature is outside, no matter how many bugs are outside, whether you are alone or with a friend, you will have the perfect hammock every time.

When you sleep in a hammock, you want to position yourself diagonally so you get a flatter lay. With the patent pending zipper, you can flip over the top cover or bugnet so you can lay in a different diagonal direction. This is not only important to give you the freedom to lay in the direction you desire, but the Chameleon will also enable you to match up with another Chameleon hammock to essentially create a two person hammock that uses the same trees and tarp.

If you’re going out hiking or just using the Chameleon to lounge in the back yard, beach, or the park, the bugnet or top cover is completely removable. This means you don’t have to carry any more weight than you need for any given adventure.

When there are bugs, the Chameleon has you covered. With our special nanoweave bugnet, even the smallest biting, stinging, disease-carrying parasite will be kept safely away. The zip on bugnet is everything you desire. Light, durable, and with great visibility, our detachable bugnet keeps you from being eaten alive.

Don’t let a dropping thermometer keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Our vented top cover will go in place of the bugnet on the same zipper track. The fabric is our proprietorially-designed ARGON 90. It is breathable yet wind resistant. It will help keep your body heat in, creating a micro-climate inside your cocoon of warmth. The vent is designed to not only allow the moisture of your breath to exhaust, but also to give you a window into the world.

We put a lot of thought and effort into the functionality of the Chameleon. The modular design of this hammock allows you to add additional products, some of which we haven’t even fully designed yet. The Chameleon is 11 feet long as the standard model and you don’t have to pay extra and it isn’t an upgrade. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it is this good. This will give you more room and a larger sweet spot for a flatter lay. Those who know hammocks, know size matters.

The Chameleon comes with a unique tie out system. The secret to getting a good flat lay in a hammock is to lie diagonally. There are adjustable tie outs at your head and feet to give you the required symmetrical shape for a comfortable sleeping position. There are two on each side that are adjustable from inside the hammock providing more tension to keep the bugnet off of your face. Also, these tie outs are movable so that when you want to change the direction, you simply unsnap them from the D-rings and move them to the other set.

The Patent Pending vision zipper is a toothed, rather than coiled, zipper for ease of use and strength. The vision zipper is the key to this hammock and why the Chameleon outperforms every other hammock on the market today. Our zipper is the first one of its kind and starts with a toothed zipper such as you will find on high end jackets versus a weaker coil zipper. There are two zipper pulls that can be positioned at any place for easy access. The zippers are opposing so they open in between and most importantly you don’t have to reach to the top of the hammock to open it. Furthermore, the vision zipper can be flipped over and reversed, this enables you to flip the top cover or bugnet over or around so you can lay in any direction. We made each Chameleon with two of these specialized zippers so you can enter/exit the hammock from both sides and you can reach out to adjust your underquilt easily from inside the hammock. Lastly, since the zippers are separating, you can go with any top to save weight, add a top cover or bugnet in the same zipper track and only have to carry what is needed on your adventure. This is how your Chameleon changes to your environment.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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  1. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    David Shoemaker

    Chameleon Wide Review

    David Shoemaker (verified owner)

    There are so many good hammocks on the market, that it is sometimes hard to choose “good, better, best”. I have used and enjoyed a couple other Manufacturers, which I wouldn’t say there was anything “wrong” with them… but then there is the CHAMELEON.

    I am planning on using this for a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail, and so you can consider this from that perspective. I will be leaving early in the season, so having a “Winter” cover is a necessity. The design of the Chameleon works very well for this, with a Winter top cover, that is vented, so I am getting little condensation in the hammock, but have a slight +heat value. HUGE.

    Once the weather warms up, I will be changing out to the Bug net, but I am in no rush. the Winter cover adds very little weight, and less weight makes for a happy hiker. Also, on the note of changing seasons and adaptability, I ordered a 2 layer body(accepting the weight penalty) as I can more comfortably use a pad, and if I should have to go to ground, can use the pad(Great Smokies)

    The hammock came much faster than expected, as you can custom order a color pattern that you prefer. Meaning these are made to order. Once receiving the hammock, I was immediately impressed by the quality and the usefulness of each part(Dutch knows his stuff) And the comfort(first gathered end hammock) was surprisingly good, once I got the right pitch/hang.

    Other considerations for AT hikers, ignore if this does not apply to you, is that DutchWare is located almost exactly half-way on the AT, and their customer support was awesome. If anything should come up on the trail, it is nice to know you have a good team to help when needed. Dutch is a Thru-hiker himself!

    For the record, I paid full price on my order, and am not sponsored by DWG. I am just a happy customer.

    The only thing I would change, is that there is no “storage” but some items can be ordered for an additional cost, and could probably be incorporated into the hammock design, or included.

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Bob Crouch

    Review of CHAMELEON Wide

    Bob Crouch (verified owner)

    For starters I am new to hammocks but not hiking or camping… While I have used other hammocks on past trips I was looking for something that could be more adaptable over the seasons and lighten my base weight. I looked at more than just a few hammocks and decided on the CHAMELEON.

    I really can’t say enough about Dutch and his crew… They took time to answer all of my questions and handled my custom order with patience and good cheer. They made my top cover from fabric that was purchased from a third party vendor (Ripstop by the Roll) and were able to make the hammock in my desired color – which was out of stock at the time of order. They remembered and took time to ask if I wanted to change back when they were able to get the fabric in. They also reached out to ensure the top cover (while reversible) was oriented and sewn in my desired lay since one side of the fabric was brighter than the other.

    When the hammock arrived – which came much faster than expected – the craftsmanship was incredible. I couldn’t be happier.

    I immediately took my CHAMELEON on a 2 night Boy Scout camping trip at Medoc Mountain State Park, where I spent two frigid nights (temps hit 0 both nights) in comfort thanks to a comfortable lay, the top cover and of course the under quilt. I was amazed at the difference the top cover made… No condensation/freezing on the inside of the top cover thanks to the vent and it retained a little heat. AWESOME.

    When the weather warms up, I will try out to the bug net… pretty sure it will prove to be just as nice as the top cover.

    As the other reviewer posted — For the record, I paid full price for my order, and am not sponsored by DWG. I am simply a very happy customer!

    (photo: CHAMELEON in burnt orange, top cover in Forest Floor, Suspension DWG Spider Daisy Chain, HG Incubator 20 under quilt, and Jacks R better 11×10 Tarp.

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  3. George Kelly

    Chameleon Wide --- Got it today and love it

    George Kelly (verified owner)

    I ordered the Chameleon Wide in a Double Layer with Whoopie Hooks last week and it was on my door step this afternoon. I was not surprised at the craftsmanship and quality of this hammock. It was professional sewn and the feel is amazing. The ability to order accessories at a later date and knowing they will fit is great. I can’t wait to get this thing out in the wood. Thanks Dutch. Awesome product. Cheers, George

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  4. kdrerik

    Chameleon Wide Review

    kdrerik (verified owner)

    I just got a Chameleon Wide last week and was able to get out in the woods this past weekend for a trial. I have had a WBBB for years and have enjoyed that hammock a lot. I needed (ok wanted) another hammock with a bug net option for when my son and I both want to hang. I was thinking about a WBBB XLC since they recently changed their zipper system. I was not a fan of the single zipper around the whole hammock. I stumbled upon the Chameleon and was intrigued. This was Sunday 2/11 at about 10:30pm. I had a Boy Scout trip scheduled for the 16th, so on a whim I emailed Dutchware to see if it would be possible to get a hammock to Virginia by Friday. Within 15 minutes, I had a reply from Dutch himself! I was blown away! I went ahead and ordered. They received and shipped my order on Monday and my new hammock arrived on Wednesday! I can’t rave enough about the customer service from Dutch and his team.

    This would just be a happy customer service review if it weren’t an awesome product. Believe me. It delivers. I’m not sure if it’s the fabric, the length, the width, or all of the above, but it was the most comfortable lay I’ve had. I used the winter top cover and I stayed comfy down to about 36 degrees. It paired nicely with my JRB Mt. Washington 3 underquilt. The only thing I missed from my WBBB was the storage inside the hammock. I plan to look into the peak bag and/or the side car for something to fill the void of not having the shelf. I am very happy with this purchase and can’t wait to get out and use it again. Thanks again to Dutch and his team for an incredible customer service experience.

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  5. One person found this helpful

    Chameleon Wide Hammock review

    pandlstreet (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a CHAMELON WIDE HAMMOCK set with bugnet, top cover, and beetle buckle suspension. I ordered the two layer option to be able to put a pad underneath if I wanted and to have some extra strength in the hammock to support my larger size. My order came in about a week.

    All the material and construction are well made. Once I set everything up, I discovered I had a zipper issue with the top cover . I contacted Dutchware and a replacement top cover was immediately sent which worked correctly.

    I’m new to hammock camping and this hammock system is easy to setup and use. Very versatile with all of the options available. Looking forward to getting out soon to use it in the woods.

    I’m providing this review as a satisfied and happy customer. Definitely recommend Dutchware products. Thanks Dutch for a great product and excellent customer service.

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  6. scotthainstocks

    This is the one I've been searching for...

    scotthainstocks (verified owner)

    The Chameleon Wide 1.6 Hexon is my 5th gathered end hammock (first from Dutch), and the one I’ve been searching for. I just returned from it’s maiden trip, a 3 day/3 night SUP camping trip into the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage in North Central Wisconsin, and it performed flawlessly. I couldn’t be happier. Setup was a breeze, sleep was beyond comfortable, but my favorite part of all was waking up in the morning and watching the mosquitos trying, and failing, to get at me thru the bugnet. This was also the first time in the woods that I’ve I slept thru the night without waking up once to adjust something. I really couldn’t ask for more. The cherry on top was that Dutch put a little rush on it so that I’d have it in time for this trip, despite the Covid challenges. I’m so grateful that I just placed another order for some bling. Thank you again, Dutch!

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