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Introducing the Banyan Bridge Hammock! Created from the influence of our very own Chameleon Hammock. The Banyan is a modular bridge hammock that adapts as you hike through the seasons. It can be netless, netted, or have a top cover. We incorporated two ridgelines which gives you a spacious feel on the inside as well as insuring you have a consistent hang every time.

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Weight Limit: 250lbs
Maximum Height: 6’3″


Introducing the Banyan Bridge Hammock! Created from the influence of our very own Chameleon Hammock, the Banyan is a modular bridge hammock that adapts as you hike through the seasons. It can be set up netless, netted, or with a vented or moonlight top cover. We have incorporated two ridgelines for a spacious feel on the inside with a consistent hang every time.


  • Weight Limit – 250lbs
  • Maximum Height – 6’3″
  • Dimensions – 80″L, 38″W (head end), 28″W (foot end)
  • Fabric – Hexon 1.6, Spring/Summer 2022: with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO – an environmentally friendly, non-halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free water repellency formulation.
  • Included with hammock body: 2 – 117″ ridgelines (including dog bones), Ti Bridge Bones, 4 – Bridge hammock ends, double ended stuff sack, head and foot end poles. Pole tips are about 5.2-5.3mm in diameter.

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Banyan Bridge Body: 

We started off by making the body out of our very own Hexon 1.6 fabric. It has a great strength to weight ratio and is offered in a variety of colors and printed designs. We incorporated our patented two-way separating zippers that will give you the flexibility to not only change out your top covers, but to enter and exit from either side of your hammock. Also included are the internal and external D-Rings for attaching additional storage items.

Banyan Bridge Tops:

The Banyan has three different top options. Going topless is the first option which creates your netless bridge hammock. This is perfect if you want to save weight or take it easy just lounging around. Our next option is the Nano-no-seeum bug net which keeps you protected from the smallest of biting insects. Lastly we have the Banyan top cover which is meant to be used for chilly nights as it helps to keep heat in, while allowing condensation to vent out. All Banyan top options zipper into the Banyan’s zipper track.


Our strong, lightweight titanium Bridge Bones were designed specifically for the Banyan Bridge hammock. Spliced onto the dog bones, their function is to hold both ridgelines in place. All four corners of the bridge hammock have Bridge Hammock Ends, which are now Titanium! These are a multi-purpose piece of hardware that connect to the hammock, hold the spreader bars, attach the dog bones, and keep your under quilt in place.

Ridgeline and Dog Bones:

Both are uniquely designed for our Banyan Bridge hammock. The ridgelines are made out of 1.75mm gray Lash-It!® with a 1″ fixed eye on either end. New for 2022: The Dual ridgelines are now spliced onto the suspension triangles. The bridge bones don’t directly contact the Amsteel triangle, which reduces wear from metal to rope abrasion. The ridgelines are removable so you can switch out tops and accessories. Having both ridgelines incorporated in your bridge hammock gives you ample interior space as well as providing a consist hang every time.
New for 2022: The suspension triangle is made of one piece of 7/64 Amsteel with 3 locked brummel loops. These dog bones are completely removable and can be replaced down the road if needed. Bridge bones are integrated as a secure way to keep your ridgelines in place.


All accessories clip onto the hammock body’s D-rings. Accessories include a Head Organizer, Foot Pocket, Ridgeline Shelf, and a Ridgeline Shelf Organizer; all of which are made specifically for the Banyan Bridge. The Chameleon storage pocket and bottle holder are universal to both hammocks.

How to Setup Your Banyan Bridge Hammock:


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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  1. kevin lintner

    Banyan is the ultimate in back country comfort!

    kevin lintner (verified owner)

    Over the past 5 years I have tried to pick up hammocking as my primary sleep system. I have tried ENO, Grand Trunk, and even Warbonnet Blackbird gathered end hammocks. The reality for me was I could take a mid-afternoon nap in these and sleep very well, however when the sun goes down and I am hunting for a good nights rest… forget about it. I also have issues with tent sleeping even with the top of the line therma-rest pads. Apparently my body needs a consistent sleeping surface that is comfortable every time in order to get a good nights rest (rocks, roots, sticks, un-level ground, ground moisture, etc).

    After a weekend out (2 nights) I can say the Banyan delivered exactly what I need in a sleep system. I have never achieved a good nights sleep while in the backcountry, however on this trip I got a better nights sleep than I typically get at home!

    Banyan is easy to setup/teardown, perfectly functional (with the storage loft), and provides comfort no other hammock can deliver! Under quilts fit more secure and provide more warmth than in typical hammocks, no constant adjusting. The moonlight top cover provides measurable extra warmth (might be overkill for summer), but honestly with this cover the Banyan feels like a comfy single person tent when inside.

    My only issue/complaint is that after only a weekend of use, the stuff sack stitching is starting to come loose around the cinch openings. One or two additional trips and I will need to have this replaced.

    If you have always wanted to go the hammock route but have avoided due to comfort, the Banyan is the only way to go! You will not regret this gear investment!

    This hammock is now the envy of my group!!

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  2. karlmayle

    Exceptional Comfort, communication and customer service

    karlmayle (verified owner)

    The Banyan was amazingly comfortable while sleeping on the beach in the Florida Keys in August. 90deg overnight. Didn’t see or feel any no-se-ems with the bug net. The ridge line shelf organization was really neat and very useful.
    The xenon hex 11 ft rain fly I purchased is awesome to, especially for the unannounced 30sec to 30min downpours in the Keys in the middle of the night. I really enjoyed the 2pc rain fly sleeve, very handy and a lot of compliments on the product usage.
    The stingers and ringworm are soo cool and quick to use, the engineering is very well done. Almost want to keep moving the guy lines around from tree to tree/stake just because it is so fast.
    We had a group of 16 of which 11 had hammocks and there will be several other banyan owners soon.
    I did not plan well and ordered the banyan and a lot of accessories with only enough time for the crew at Dutchware to kick butt at making several pieces of excellent quality gear in time for my high adventure trip. I can’t wait to use this again in a few weeks.
    Dutch, you have a great team and a thankful customer.

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  3. jstevensen

    Very pleased with the new 2022 version!

    jstevensen (verified owner)

    I’ve been eager to get a banyan hammock for some time now. Very happy to see the improvements in the 2022 version, including the much lighter spreader bars! The spreader bars now weigh a total of 182 g (6.4 oz). I like the hooks for connecting my underquilt. Very easy!

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  4. Anthony Key

    Best sleep I've ever had in the woods

    Anthony Key (verified owner)

    I don’t think I could be happier with the comfort, quality and ease of use than I am with the Banyan bridge hammock. I’m a side sleeper and most comfortable sleeping flat. I’ve tried gathered end hammocks and didn’t get near the quality of sleep that I get from the Banyan. I use the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm 25″ wide x 72″ long sleeping pad with a R 6.9 rating and have slept in the low twenties and never felt even the slightest bit cold. I’m able to comfortably use my 0 degree sleeping bag and with the Banyan moonlight top cover installed the inside temp never got below 43. I also tent camp with my wife so not having to buy extra gear is nice. And I have the option to setup on the ground if needed. All I needed is the ridge line shelf organizer to store everything I use. I use a headlamp that clips to the bill of my baseball cap and works great sitting in the loft. I also put a battery hand warmer, battery pack, phone, gloves and other things in the gear loft. The double ridge lines provide plenty of space while being small enough to provide extra warmth. Laying flat also lets me use my pee bottle that I clip on my ridge line so I don’t need to get out in the middle of the night. The 4 dollar collapsible bottle from Wal-Mart works perfect for this. It even comes with a carabiner. I like to fill my pad all the way up to get the most flat lay I can get and it also helps me get the most out of the 6.9 R value from the pad. The pad isn’t thick enough to make the Banyan noticeably more tippy. I’ve never felt unstable doing that and it’s as flat as my bed at home. I actually sleep better than on my high dollar mattress. The 12 foot bonded Xenon tarp with the pole mods for the Banyan works great and the hammock has never touched the tarp getting in or out. Even when I pitch the tarp extra low and tight. I don’t mind carrying the extra weight to get such a good consistent sleep no matter where I decide to camp. I’m 6 foot tall and 245 pounds and the 2 layer bottom keeps me extra flat. The tarp sleeve is more than worth the money and I’ll never be without it. Makes setup and take down quick and easy. I tied two elastic cords to the top cover foot end zippers to open and close with my feet. Works perfectly and makes it super easy to get in and out. I just tie the other end to my gear loft to keep it handy. I also sewed a couple straps to the bottom layer to keep the sleeping pad in place. I never have to worry about making sure the pad stays in place while getting into the hammock. The sides of the hammock is cut so that it makes it super easy to roll onto my side at night and provides a nice place to rest my knees. And it provides a place to grab while getting out or adjusting my position up and down the hammock. I highly recommend trying the hammock out if want a very comfortable and consistent night sleep and love to lay flat or side sleep. I actually miss sleeping in it while laying in my bed at home.

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