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Print2Fabric Design Studio

Our print2fabric service is a unique tool you won’t find anywhere else. You can use this tool to design your own hammock by uploading a personal image, company logo or other images onto our hammocks, fabrics, rain skirts and more.

DutchWare Gear lets you take personalization to the next level. With our excellent variety of fabrics, insulation materials, hardware and more, you will find everything you need in one place. When you DIY your own gear and also have the ability to give it the exact look that you want, you have everything you need to get out and do what you love.

Customize Your Camping Gear

Our Print2Fabric Design Studio lets you input an image into the system to be printed onto a variety of our products. Hammocks, fabrics, tarps, pillows, rain skirts and more are all compatible with our Print2Fabric technology.

When you can use your own image for a custom job, you’ll have almost unlimited options. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping from other retailers, you’ll only have a few different colors and patterns to choose from. Your equipment reflects you — when you make your own equipment, both the functionality and the look are important.

If you go out camping or backpacking in a group, more generic-looking equipment could easily be mixed up with others’ equipment. Black, red, navy blue and dark green are popular colors for camping equipment. With customized gear, you’ll never mix yours up with someone else’s.

Choose to use this unique tool on all of your gear or to customize one unique element. Unlike other companies, DutchWare lets you use your creativity when designing your unique camping and backpacking gear.

The DutchWare Difference

Other companies do offer custom printing, but our Print2Fabric Design Studio at DutchWare is different.

You can use any image you want for your custom printed gear, as long as you have permission to use the image. If your favorite color is a specific shade of blue, you can get that color! If you want a fun pattern on your hammock to make it stand out, you can make that happen. Or, if you want a more subtle color or pattern to make it blend in more, we can make that. However you imagine your hammock, DutchWare can make it a reality with the help of our Print2Fabric Design Studio.

Unlike other companies, our software lets you preview your custom printed fabric before you put in your order. If you want to use a certain image for a backpack but it doesn’t quite work with the shape and design, you can choose to use that image on an item that suits it better.With some companies, you send them your image and don’t see it until it arrives. If the material doesn’t come out the way you imagined, there’s not much you or the company can do.

Another feature that sets our software apart is that you can apply your image in different variations. If the picture doesn’t apply to the product the way you want, you can adjust it to make it look just right.

Finally, you can print your image onto a number of different fabrics. You already know how important it is to use the right fabric for different types of gear. Print2Fabric works on the following fabrics:

  • Breathable
  • Calendered
  • Waterproof
  • Mesh
  • Dyneema composite fabrics

You also have the option of setting the height and width dimensions of the print and ordering the number of yards you need. The customization tools give you complete control in giving your gear the look and the functionality you want and need.

Why Shop DutchWare Gear?

As an outdoor enthusiast, you need your gear to meet your needs. Standard gear you can pick up at your average outdoor store doesn’t always do everything you need or has unnecessary extras. DutchWare offers a wide variety of high-quality materials to help you make the perfect backpack, hammock, sleeping equipment or others that lets you get everything you want out of your gear.