Having the right gear for a hammock camping excursion can make a huge difference between a fun trip and a frustrating one. You need to plan ahead to pack all the things you will need to keep your hammock off the ground and ensure it stays sturdy enough to hold you while you’re at your site. That means ordering the right pieces well ahead of time.

You can find all the gear you need at DutchWare. We offer a range of DIY hammock hardware, from sew-on cord locks to aluminum spreader bar poles to double tab zipper pulls. We know what type of gear you will need to keep your hammock functioning far from home. You don’t want to be caught off-guard without a door hook or side release buckle. That’s why we recommend ordering from us well before your camping trip and trying out the gear with our free look guarantee.

Selling Hammock Camping Hardware You Can Depend On

Much of the hammock gear we sell is small pieces that replace or repair hardware you already have. It’s important to bring replacements or backups with you when you camp because no piece of equipment lasts forever. Chances are you will need to get a new one at some point, and why not have it ready to go instead of waiting until you get in a tight position?

Our hammock hardware includes:

  • Bridge hammock end-sets: You need to have the right set to hold your hammock together.
  • Tension locks: Our durable versions have a release angle that makes them easier to cinch than other versions.
  • Hydration tube clips: You always need your water easily accessible, and these handy clips ensure you carry it with you throughout the day.
  • Shockcord hooks: We offer some of the smallest on the market.

Buy Your Hammock Hardware & Make Your Own Gear

You may be an experienced camper, or you may be venturing out with your hammock for the first time. Either way, you need gear you can rely on for the duration of your trip. You can count on equipment from DutchWare. We guarantee our gear against manufacturer defects, and we accept your returns happily if a product isn’t exactly what you need or didn’t live up to your expectations.

Make your next hammock camping trip your best. Buy DIY hammock hardware from DutchWare today or contact us for more information. Call us at 717-947-7849.