Backpackers like to head out in all types of weather. Sometimes that means low temperatures, which drop even lower at night. Even in the warmer summer months, though, nighttime can still turn chilly, which makes for brisk sleeping conditions. To stay cozy at night, campers who use hammocks need under and top quilts, which provide extra insulation.

Your underquilt is the hammock equivalent of a sleeping pad. It helps make your slumber in the hammock much more restful because it distributes your weight across your hammock. That keeps you from sagging into the middle and becoming uncomfortable. You also need something protecting you from frigid air that can rise from below — otherwise you will find yourself unable to sleep because you are too cold.

The key to finding effective underquilts for hammocks is to look for one that’s lightweight and that will provide enough cushioning for a comfortable sleep. You also want something you can carry for a distance without weighing you down or straining your back. Lightweight down underquilts make an ideal choice. They’ll keep you comfortable temperature-wise, and they also compress well — taking up less room and making for a comfy fit underneath you as you drift off to sleep.

Top Quilts & Bottom Entry Hammocks

So why should you invest in a hammock camping bottom or top quilt? Even if you’re only an occasional camper, you will want to be as snug as possible during the night. You have to get a good night’s sleep to make it through your backpacking trip alert and safe. A quilt will help you do that by:

  • Keeping you warm all night long: When you guard against the elements, you can sleep all the way through the night. Without a quilt on top or bottom, you may find yourself waking frequently because you are so cold.
  • Protecting you through the night: Extra protection is always a bonus when you camp.
  • Giving you a more enjoyable trip: No matter how many times you have camped, your comfort remains of the utmost importance. You won’t want to go again if you have a miserable experience, and quilts help enhance your sleep.

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