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At DutchWare, we hike and backpack with a “take only what you need” approach. We’ve found from experience that if there’s one thing you need when hiking and backpacking, it’s a bugnet. Bugnets stop biting and crawling insects from bothering you and give you a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Bugnets for Hiking

Whether you’re taking a day or overnight hike, bugnets can come in handy. We offer three, lightweight bugnets to create a full suit of mesh armor against insects.

No-See-Um head, jacket and leg nets are some of the best bugnets for hiking because they offer complete protection and secure fits. The jacket and leg nets feature elastic cords at the ankles, waist, wrists and hood to give you complete protection from crawling bugs, like ticks.

The No-See-Um Head Net also fits over various hats so you can keep insects away while staying cool. The mesh head cover also doubles as a transport bag. Use it to hold your snacks or make it a laundry bag for dirty clothes.

Bugnets for Backpacking

Bugnets for backpacking are essential, especially if you’re hammock camping. Our bugnet for hammocks prevent bugs from bothering you, without smothering you or blocking your view of the night sky or morning sunrise.

We offer a bottom entry bugnet or a Fronkey bugnet. Our bottom entry bugnet is one of the best bugnets for backpacking because it seals your hammock from bugs.

Mitten hooks at the head and foot prevent the Fronkey bugnet from passing down over the hammock. A cord lock then cinches down to stop bugs from slipping in and disturbing your evening lounge or midnight slumber. A third opening is found beneath your hammock for entering and exiting. It features a cord lock that you can open and close.

The foot and head are also reinforced with grosgrain to make your bugnet for backpacking reliable and long-lasting.

We also provide a summer sock. You can use an under-quilt on brisk summer evenings, while still taking advantage of your bugnet. Unlike our bottom entry bugnet, you slide in at the head of your hammock with a summer sock and then pull the sock up. Cinch the end with a cord lock, and you’re safe and secure from flying, crawling and buzzing bugs.

Check out our bugnets for backpacking and hiking, or contact us if you’re interested in more information about our bottom entry bugnets or have questions. We love talking about our gear!