Bikepacking Gear Essentials

Bikepacking is an increasingly popular pastime among people who want to see more of the world from two wheels. If you’re touring for multiple days by bike, often on mixed terrains, off-road, and through the backcountry, you’ll need trustworthy gear!

Rather than hiking on foot like backpackers or using other modes of transportation, bikepacking riders carry their essential gear on their bikes and is a fun way to explore the world, see nature, and make new friends who share your passion for biking.

You’ll need to pack all of the essentials to prepare for your long-duration bike trip, including sleeping gear, food and snacks, cooking equipment, and plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout your tour.

At DutchWare, we offer bikepacking gear you can use on your next adventure.

Get Bikepacking Gear From DutchWare

DutchWare offers several products to make your trip a breeze. You can use our Seamstern Susquehanna Seat Roll and the Seamstern Sentinel bags to store your bike accessories and repair tools, keys, snacks, emergency kits, and more.

These bags are perfect for mounting on the underside of your seat. You can also keep items in our Seamstern Conestoga Bar Bag and Seamstern Mason Handlebar Bag. Attach these bags to the handlebars of your bike for quick and easy access when you’re on the trail.

At DutchWare, we strive to be good stewards of the earth and limit our environmental impact. Whenever possible, we use recycled materials and packaging to produce and deliver your items.

All of our products are high-quality, lightweight, innovative, and easy to use, helping you camp and bikepack with ease.

Browse our selection and find the perfect addition to your bikepacking equipment with DutchWare today.