How to Plan Your Own Bikepacking Route

April 5, 2022

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How to Plan Your Own Bikepacking Route

If you’re looking for an exciting new adventure, a bikepacking trip might be just what you need. These expeditions require thorough research and planning to be successful. Let’s look at some factors to keep in mind when preparing for your trip.

Factors to Consider

A lot of time and research goes into route planning for bikepacking. It’s a good idea to set boundaries to have a memorable experience and lighten your load.


Do you have one free weekend or a month to explore? Knowing how much time you have and how far you want to go can help you narrow down your options.


When planning a bikepacking route, you should consider how demanding you want the trip to be. Look at factors such as steepness, elevation, and surface features to better understand the difficulty level of your potential route.


Choosing the right weather for your bikepacking trip is important for completing the journey and your overall safety. Depending on where you live and the time of year, trail conditions can drastically differ and pose varying risks.

Picking a Route

There are two ways you can decide on your bikepacking route.

Choose a Designated Route

Picking a predesignated route is the easiest way to know what to expect on your trip. Knowing that people have ridden it before will give you the chance to find camping spots, water resources, and terrain characteristics.

Design Your Own Route

If you have a destination you’re dying to see, planning a bikepacking route is a great way to check it off your bucket list. Dive into guidebooks and maps to determine which trails and areas would be best for what you want. Pay attention to trail features, camping spots, elevation, and more to ensure a successful ride.

You can also reach out to your locals or other bikepackers to see what tips they have for you!

Packing Your Kit

When packing for a bike trip, it’s essential to pack light and only take what you need. You’ll be carrying everything with you when you ride, so too many items will weigh you down and make it more challenging to ride.

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of essentials that you should have with you:

  • Camping gear
  • Map or GPS
  • Water
  • Food
  • First Aid supplies
  • Bike repair kit

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Get Your Bikepacking Gear at DutchWare

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