Let It Rain Cloakware Xenon Tarp

August 24, 2018

Let It Rain Cloakware Xenon Tarp

Overview: DIY tarp using Dutchware Print2Fabric hex tarp in Cloakware pattern – special order

Steps: Cut the pattern with some minor screw ups which forced me to change it to a cat cut tarp. Sewed the ridgeline together using a flat felled French Seam, then stitched the entire tarp perimeter with a rolled hem, followed by stitching the reinforced corners for the tie outs & finished with double stitching the tie outs on each corner & both ends of the ridgeline. Approximately 9 oz. total weight when done. Here a write up of the project on Hammock Forums…  First Real DIY Project – Let It Rain

Materials:  Xenon Sil .9 fabric with 300D fabric reinforcements for the corner & ridgeline tie outs, sewn together with olive & orange colored Guttermann 70 thread… olive on the top side of the tarp & orange on the bottom.

cloakware xenon tarp

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